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pysvn FAQ

  1. What platforms are supported?
    Windows, Mac OS X, and Unix (Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, etc).
  2. Why develop pysvn Extension?
    To meet the need for a python like easy to use interface to subversion.
  3. What's wrong with the subversion python bindings?
    The subversion python binds have a number of problems:
    • they are not object oriented or python like
    • they are low level, about 650 functions and 70 structs
    • users end up read the Subverison C header files to learn usage
  4. Why don't you use SWIG to wrap an svn API?
    Using PyCXX a python like interface is easy to implement. To achieve the same interface with SWIG is a lot harder.
  5. Why develop pysvn WorkBench?
    There is a need for an easily extensible GUI. Using Python and wxPython allows for the rapid development and extension of Work Bench.
    WorkBench will implement work flow primitives (Review Checkin, Review update, Create Patch) as well as GUI versions of the svn command line
  6. Why isn't pysvn on PyPI?
  7. The short answer is becuase pip does not have the infratructure to install binary extension of any complexity. This is a documented limitation of pip which is planned to be worked on.