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[Issue 129] New - error in branch origin calculation

Author a1s
Full name alexander smishlajev
Date 2009-07-03 11:20:45 PDT
Message http://pysvn.tigris.​org/issues/show_bug.​cgi?id=129
                 Issue #|129
                 Summary|error in branch origin calculation
       Status whiteboard|
              Issue type|DEFECT
             Assigned to|barryscott
             Reported by|a1s

------- Additional comments from a1s at tigris dot org Fri Jul 3 11:20:45 -0700 2009 -------
SubversionListHandle​rCommon.getBranchOri​ginRevision assumes that all repository
paths start at root of the server host (line 171 of
wb_subversion_list_h​andler_common.py). That assumption fails for svn+ssh URL
scheme: repositories rarely reside at the root of the server's local file
system. As a result, branch origin URLs are all wrong.

To fix this, i have added new method to the ProjectInfo class:

    def getRepositoryRoot( self ):
        return self.client_bg.info2​(self.url)[0][1]['re​pos_root_URL']

and use it to get base_url in SubversionListHandle​rCommon.getBranchOri​ginRevision().

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[Issue 129] New - error in branch origin calculation a1s alexander smishlajev 2009-07-03 11:20:45 PDT
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